Say goodbye to the dirt and debris that other cleaners leave behind!

Rise up and win the battle against the drudgery of challenging pool cleaning chores! Enlist the Rebel Cleaner for thorough cleaning coverage in tight corners, 90-degree angles and spaces other cleaners miss.


Win the fight against hard-to-clean debris.

The Rebel Cleaner puts reliable, powerful cleaning power into tough spaces that other cleaners miss. This includes deep to shallow bottoms; up 90-degree, floor-to-wall angles; and all the way to the water line.

Clog-free cleaning
Sure-Flow Turbine design captures debris, large and small.

More cleaning power
Enhanced hydraulic design perfectly complements variable speed and low-flow pumps.

Maneuvers up and over obstacles
Dual-action roller skirt and upgraded chassis design provide uninterrupted cleaning.

More thorough cleaning coverage
SmartTracTM Programmed Steering and Steady-GripTire Traction with new added tread for superior floor-to-wall cleaning.


Easy to operate
No assembly required. Just connect the hoses and off it goes.
Easy cleanout
Quick-Release Latch provides fast, simple top access.
Looks great in any pool environment
Sleek, modern design.
Great performance in any pool surface
Gunite, vinyl, fiberglass and tile pools.
Added safety
Port for dedicated vacuum line installations.