We supply a range of state of the art Chlorination systems for your pool.

Salt and Mineral Chlorinators


All Saltmate saltwater chlorinators can be installed onto new or existing pools without the need to change any other filtration equipment and are also compatible with mineral salt blends.

Saltmate saltwater chlorinators are designed to save the pool owner time, money and effort while setting new standards in terms of materials, quality and functionality. These come with a 5 year pro rata warranty.



The Therachlor Chlorinator has been designed with your needs in mind. It combines a sleek design with user-friendly navigation to provide all the functionality and flexibility you need to create the perfect control unit. Compatible with mineral and salt pools.


Liquid Chemical Feeders

Liquid Chemical Feeders – we have a range of automatic and manual dosing systems, these can monitor your Chlorine and PH level to maintain a well-balanced pool. Ask us what model would suit your pools needs.

The RC9 provides the function of advanced measure and control of your sanitiser and pH levels. pH is a measure of the balance of acids and alkaline. Perfect pH means active sanitiser, and active sanitiser means lower usage of the sanitiser, saving you money. By constantly measuring and dosing pH adjuster to maintain the correct set point, the RC9 controller ensures the sanitiser in your water is maintained at its optimal level.

The RolaChem 9 series provides combined sanitiser and pH adjuster management of your pool or spa so that it always looks great and is safe and healthy to swim in. With sophisticated sensors and software programming the sanitiser and pH levels are continuously monitored and adjusted to your swimming pool or spa’s requirements, weather conditions or bather load. All while dramatically reducing the maintenance required for your pool and spa.