The job of a swimming pool filter is to remove the dirt and other matter in the water to help reduce the growth of bacteria and keep your water clean. We can supply a range of filters, from cartridge to media filters.

Pool water free from debris and other contaminants is important for maintaining swimmers’ health and safety, not to mention happiness. But the type of filter you need can differ depending on your filtration needs, financial situation and willingness to put time and effort into maintenance. Plus the quality of filtration depends on the size of the filter media; the finer the media, the higher the purity of water achieved.

Here’s some information on the most common types of pool filters on the Australian market to help you decide which type is best suited to you.


How it works:

Manufactured with high grade fibreglass and resins for durability, this filter will give you years of clean pool water. Depending on the choice of media, this medium filters out everything larger than 3 – 40 microns. Sand/media still remains the most popular choice on the market for their durability and simplicity in maintenance

 Durable and easy to clean, as it does not need to be disassembled like other types of filters

  • Filter’s multiport valve to give you control of water flow through the filtration circuit

Filter media needs to be replaced approximately every five years

  • Needs to be backwashed regularly, which can use a lot of water
  • Generally requires a larger installation space compared to other filter choices


Great for pools without a waste line or where water restrictions are in place, cartridge filters offer a great alternative to media filters, easy to maintain and excellent filtration.

How it works:

Cartridge filters typically use four cylindrical accordion pleated filters to trap anything larger than 30 microns, traditionally making them a higher filtration level than sand filters. However, this option can come with some extra costs and maintenance.

No need for backwashing, no backwash line is required

  • Generally requires less space for installation
  • As no backwashing is required, requires less water for maintenance, more environmentally friendly than other kinds of filters

Unlike other filters, there’s no provision for backwashing; when the cartridge is clogged, it must be removed for cleaning

  • Needs to be disassembled and cleaned
  • Cartridges may need to be replaced more regularly than filter media, depending on level of use and care


Waterco’s award winning MultiCyclone is a brilliant pre-filtration device that works on the basis of centrifugal water filtration and is designed with no moving parts and no filter media to clean or replace.

  • Minimises filter maintenance and saves water
  • No filter media to clean or replace
  • Suitable for new and existing installations
  • 2 year warranty